5 Best Olive oil for cooking in India 2019

5 Best Olive oil for cooking in India 2019


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5 Best Olive oil for cooking in India 2019

Olive oil is one of the healthiest oils. Research has found that it can help prevent heart disease, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, obesity, and even cancer.

Borges Olive Oil Extra Light Flavours of Olives, 5L

  • Ideal for frying, roasting, and baking
  • Use in sauteing or on pasta
  • Cholesterol free
  • Good for homemade mayonnaise

Disano Extra Light Olive Oil, 2L:

  • For daily Indian cooking: it has a very light flavour and aroma and does not change the original taste of the food
  • It's ideal for frying
  • High smoking point good for homemade mayonnaise
  • Zero cholesterol and it may help in lowering the level of bad cholesterol.

Bertolli Olive Oil, 1L

  • Originated in Tuscany (Italy), Bertolli Olive is the world's no. 1 Olive Oil brand, known worldwide for its rich taste and premium quality
  • Bertolli Classico Olive Oil is a pure natural oil rich in Omega-9 unsaturated fat, help in regulating the cardi-circulatory system
  • Bertolli Classico Olive has a mild taste, perfect for all-purpose cooking and is particularly ideal for sauteing- vegetable saute; frying- puri, spring roll; grilling- veg grill, chicken grill and more
  • Imported from Spain
  • It is free from Argemone Oil.

Colavita CERTIFIED ITALIAN Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1 Litre:

  • 100% authentic Italian extra Virgin Olive Oil is made according to the Colavita family tradition. Quality management system certified ISO 9001.
  • Colavita Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the perfect everyday oil with a delicate flavor that has the perfect balance of fruity and spicy notes testify to the Italian authenticity and freshness of this product.
  • It is an ideal oil for virtually all of your cooking needs, from light seating to drizzling over your favorite dishes.
  • The rich aroma and a balanced, full-bodied flavor are ideal for preparing salad, dips and cold dishes.
  • Virgin olive oils also contain the antioxidants beta-carotene and Vitamin E which makes it a Healthier alternative to other oils. The cholesterol regulating function and the digestion benefits are just some of the numerous dietetic & nutritional qualities.

Figaro Olive Oil Tin, 200ml:

  • Figaro Olive Oil is an excellent all-purpose edible oil loaded with the goodness of pure olives
  • It has multiple health benefits- a rich source of Vitamin E, full of anti-oxidants, maintains the cardio-circulatory system, regulates cholesterol level
  • It is suitable for all types of cooking - sauteing- vegetable Saute; stir fry-vegetable stir fry; shallow frying- bhindi fry, omelet
  • Imported from Spain
  • It is free from Argemone Oil.

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